Libyan PM urges international community to back UN mandate

Libyan Prime Minister Fayez Serraj Fayez Serraj, head of the UN-backed unity government. (File photo: AP)

The head of Libya’s UN-backed government says the international community should take a firm stance against those defying a 2015 political agreement stipulating a UN mandate.

A Saturday statement by the Tripoli-based government says Prime Minister Fayez Serraj remarks came during a meeting with Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

Genitoli’s visit comes days after French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian met with Serraj and later with military strongman Khalifa Haftar in the eastern city of Benghazi.

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Hifter is a rival of Serraj’s government, whose two-year mandate expired earlier this month. Serraj insists the mandate remains in effect until a new one is introduced.

Libya descended into chaos following a 2011 uprising that toppled and later killed a longtime ruler. The country is now split between rival governments and militias.

Last Update: Saturday, 23 December 2017 KSA 17:19 - GMT 14:19

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Libyan PM urges international community to back UN mandate
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