IN PICTURES: Details emerge on Egypt church attack after Friday prayer

The attack took place after Friday prayer leaving 28 injuired. (Supplied)

Egyptian extremists stormed and destroyed a church in a village in al-Jazeera governorate preventing Copts from performing prayer.

The attack took place after Friday prayer.

Destroyed church. (Supplied)

Speaking to Al, eyewitnesses said that clashes took place between two parties, the Copts and a crowd from Kufr al-Wasalin - which belongs to the Atifh district, in front of al-Ameer Tadress church.

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Several were injured during the clash and were transported to Atifh hospital, they added. Meanwhile, security forces captured 28 individuals involved in the incident.

The attack on Ameer Tadress church. (Supplied)

Among the injured was the owner of the land, Abed Ibrahim Atiya, which he donated for the building, his son and his cousin.

According to the eyewitnesses, rumors floated in the village claiming that Copts were performing prayer in the concerned building.

Crowd infront of attacked church. (Supplied)

The rumor also claimed that the Copts were preparing to transform the building into their very own church – eventually hanging bells in it. The structure held no crosses.

Upon hearing the rumor, local citizens chose to gather before the building preventing Copts from entering, after which they resumed to destroy it, added the witnesses.

The attacked church. (Supplied)


Last Update: Sunday, 24 December 2017 KSA 10:50 - GMT 07:50

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IN PICTURES: Details emerge on Egypt church attack after Friday prayer
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