Train derails in Maryland, causing loud explosion

A cloud of smoke is seen in Baltimore County in Maryland State after a cargo train derailed off the tracks. (Photo courtesy: Baltimore Sun newspaper)

A train derailed in Baltimore County in Maryland State, causing a loud explosion and sending a cloud of smoke into the sky, the Baltimore Sun newspaper reported on Tuesday.

A spokeswoman confirmed to the Associated Press that the train derailed at 2 p.m. (1800 GMT)

Photos and a video from CNN affiliate WBAL showed at least five of the train’s cars off the track, and white and black smoke rising in separate columns from the debris.

Tweets from Baltimore County Police and Fire say several buildings have collapsed at the site and that Hazardous materials teams are responding.

However, the report said that no injuries were reported after the cargo train derailed in the 7500 block of Lake Drive, near an industrial park in Baltimore.

Meanwhile, CNN quoted a Baltimore County firefighter as saying that one person was trapped inside the train.

Also, people within a half-mile area of the incident were in the process of being evacuated due to hazardous-materials, a Baltimore County police officer told CNN on condition of anonymity.

Last Update: Wednesday, 29 May 2013 KSA 23:16 - GMT 20:16