European Parliament candidate wants to ban EU immigration

“A clear signal must be sent that the EU countries will not accept ANY EMIGRANTS,” the candidate said in a released statement. (File photo: Reuters)

A candidate for the European Parliament, Klara Samkova, has released a statement in favor of a total ban on immigration into EU countries.

“I will always protect the European Union against immigrants. Emigration into EU countries is really a large-scale disaster. You can talk about it all you like but it won’t help, I’m sorry, a clear signal must be sent that the EU countries will not accept ANY EMIGRANTS - that we will protect the EU, its southern states in particular,” Samkova says in the statement, which was sent by to the press by her party the Dawn of Direct Democracy (Usvit prime demokracie).

Samkova’s statement builds on one of the points in the Usvit movement’s program for last year’s elections to the lower house: “we want stricter conditions for the Czech Republic’s immigration policy. We do not want inadaptable immigrants here or the arrival of religious fanatics.”

Party chair Tomio Okamura Monday protested Samkova’s alleged Romani origin, reported.

“She is not of Romani origin at all, she comes from a family of lawyers in Brno. Her only personal ‘link’ to Romani people is that her first husband was Romani, but her current, second husband is a Czech sports journalist who is not Romani,” Okamura posted on Facebook.

The party chair went on to say that Samkova “is no protector of the Roma at all cost and has said so publicly (if she were, she naturally could not run as an Usvit candidate) .”

Samkova commented to News server , saying: “trafficking in immigrants is one of the most lucrative businesses of the criminal networks, and its reach extends to the highest ranks of politics and to the so-called NGOs. If you declare zero tolerance, you will shut their business down. Try to look at this from that angle. After all, this is about white (or in this case, black) slavery.”

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:42 - GMT 06:42