Spain arrests Moroccan in Mallorca 'linked' to ISIS group

Last year, the interior ministry said it had arrested around 100 suspected militants (File Photo: Reuters)

Spanish police said Tuesday they had detained a Moroccan man in the Mediterranean island resort of Palma de Mallorca suspected of recruiting militants for ISIS.

“A police probe revealed that the accused had close contact with established terrorists involved with Daesh who are currently located in Syria,” they said in a statement using a synonym for ISIS.

They added that the man used virtual platforms to recruit new militants for Syria and Iraq, “encouraging them and facilitating their trip to the conflict zone so that they could join the ranks of Daesh.”

The operation was launched as part of a probe opened by Spain’s National Court, which specialises in extremism cases.

Spanish police regularly announce the detention of people suspected of having links with militant groups, although it is unclear exactly how many have been held so far this year.


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