US police arrest suspect behind killing of Saudi student

Police officers found 24-year-old Nahdi unconscious and bleeding from his mouth and nose. (Photo courtesy: Fox9)

US police announced on Sunday that they arrested the suspect behind killing of a 24-year-old Saudi student.

Autopsy of Hussain Al-Nahdi, the Saudi student who lost his life following a violent attack in the US, shows that he likely died from “traumatic brain injury,” NBC News reported on Tuesday.

Nahdi was brutally assaulted and left bloodied on a relatively crowded street early Sunday on Oct. 30 in Menomonie city in the western part of the US state of Wisconsin.

The preliminary findings were released on Tuesday by Dunn County Medical Examiner’s office. The medical office, meanwhile, refused to comment on whether Nahdi’s injuries were consistent with the beating, saying a final autopsy report will be released after finishing the toxicology tests.

So far, US police has questioned two women, who might know the suspects.

“We are in the process of investigating these individuals. They may or may not have information relating to the assault,” the police said.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:52 - GMT 06:52