US army sends Lebanon eight Bradley armored vehicles

The Bradley is designed to transport infantry or scouts with armor protection, while providing covering fire to suppress enemy troops and armored vehicles. (Supplied)

In the presence of the Lebanese army commander representative and the American ambassador in Beirut, the Lebanese army received eight Bradley armored vehicles in a first batch of $100 million US military aid to Lebanon.

The vehicles are part of 32 others the Lebanese army is expected to receive from Washington in the coming months. This is part of a US investment, estimated at more than $100,000 which aims to supply the Lebanese army with new capabilities.

Washington had also supplied Beirut with defense equipment including guns, military vehicles, ammunitions, rockets and others last year.

Providing arms suggests Washington’s commitment to Lebanon and its security.

Last Update: Tuesday, 15 August 2017 KSA 09:19 - GMT 06:19

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US army sends Lebanon eight Bradley armored vehicles
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