Documentary exposing Iranian regime involvement in September 11

Al Arabiya News Channel will be airing a special news documentary unravelling Iran’s involvement in the September 11 attacks.

‘Iran September 11’, will air on Friday at 11:00 PM, KSA time (midnight GMT).

The documentary, which was produced in the United States, carries never before seen interviews revealing the Iranian regime's relationship with the al-Qaeda terrorist group and the training it provided to its members to conduct major operations like September 11.

In one interview with Abolghasem Mesbahi, a former senior European-based operative in Iran’s security service, Vevak, Iran’s support to al-Qaeda was revealed and detailed.

Testimony on Hezbollah’s explosive vehicles training to al-Qaeda operatives. 

The September 11 Commission report reveals Iran’s involvement.

 The US government and mainstream media have ignored Iran’s involvement in September 11.

Last Update: Saturday, 9 September 2017 KSA 22:48 - GMT 19:48

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Documentary exposing Iranian regime involvement in September 11
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