Paris police arrest dozens during fifth Saturday of ‘yellow vests’ protests

French gendarmes use pepper spray to push back protesters wearing yellow vests during a demonstration near the Opera House as part of the "yellow vests" movement in Paris. (Reuters)

Paris police say 85 people have been detained in Paris on the fifth straight weekend of protests by the “yellow vests” movement, where thousands of people converged in the French capital.

Police say of those detained, 46 people have been arrested. No details have been given about why they were taken into custody.

Limited scuffles broke out between protesters and police on the sidelines of largely peaceful demonstrations near the city’s Champs-Elysees boulevard, with riot police firing small amounts of tear gas to disperse groups of protesters heading down the side streets off the main avenue.

About 8,000 police and 14 armored vehicles were deployed in Paris for the demonstration, after similar protests in recent weekends turned violent, with protesters smashing and looting stores and setting up burning barricades in the streets.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:52 - GMT 06:52