Russian plane in emergency landing after passenger demands diversion

Russia’s anti-terrorism committee said the passenger plane landed in Siberian city of Khanty-Mansiysk. (Twitter)

A Russian domestic flight made an emergency landing in Siberia Tuesday after a passenger demanded the plane change course, authorities said.

Russia’s Anti-Terrorism Committee said in a statement the Aeroflot plane, travelling from Surgut in western Siberia to Moscow, “changed course at the demand of one of the passengers”.

“The aircraft commander decided to land the plane in Khanty Mansiysk,” a city 2,700 kilometers east of Moscow, the committee said.

It provided no further detail, saying investigators were working to “clarify all circumstances of what happened”. Russian news agency Interfax quoted aviation sources as saying a man had demanded the plane be diverted to Afghanistan.

Some reports said the man was detained, but others that he was still on the plane. It was not clear whether the man had been armed.

Authorities cut off access to Khanty Mansiysk Airport following the incident, agencies reported.

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