Operations resume at Hong Kong airport

Stranded passengers sit near check-in counters as all flights have been cancelled after protesters occupied Hong Kong’s international airport. (AFP)

Operations resumed at Hong Kong airport early Tuesday morning, airport authorities said, with flights expected to begin arriving and taking off in the coming hour after protests shut down the travel hub.

“We have resumed check-ins,” a spokesman for the airport told AFP.

The flight status board at the departures hall showed several flights listed as “boarding soon” with new take-off times listed for others.

By Tuesday morning, many of the posters and signs the protesters had placed throughout the terminals had been taken down, but graffiti - some reading “an eye for an eye” - had not yet been cleared.

The protesters adopted the slogan for their demonstration at the airport after a women suffered a serious face injury, reportedly losing her sight in one eye, at demonstrations that turned violent on Sunday night.

Protesters have said they plan to return to the airport later in the day to resume their demonstrations.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:54 - GMT 06:54