China urges food producers to resume production amid coronavirus outbreak

Workers wearing protective facemasks prepare food at a street stall in Beijing on January 26, 2020. (Photo: AFP)

China’s agriculture ministry on Thursday urged feed producers and slaughter houses to speed up the resumption of production, in a bid to increase supplies amid the outbreak of the new coronavirus, also known as corona.

Factories typically shut down during the Lunar New Year holidays, which have been extended to at least February 2 to curb the spread of the epidemic that has killed 170 in China and infected more than 7,700 individuals.

The virus outbreak has led to a jump in prices and insufficient supply of food in some Chinese cities due to panic buying and disruptions to transportation.

The transportation ministry issued a statement on Thursday asking local authorities not to cut off highways and main roads between provinces despite the virus outbreak.

Last Update: 07:03 KSA 10:03 - GMT 07:03