European nations ‘regret’ US withdrawal from Open Skies Treaty: France

French military pilots are preparing for the first flight in the Kiev region May 15, 2001. A French military mission arrived in Ukraine for a two-day series of observation overflights according to The Open Skies Treaty signed in 1992 between member states of NATO and the former Warsaw Pact. (Reuters)

France, Germany and eight other European nations said Friday that they “regret” the decision by US President Donald Trump to exit the Open Skies mutual military surveillance treaty with Russia.

“We regret the announcement by the United States of its plan to pull out of the Open Skies treaty, even though we share the concerns about how the accord is being carried out by the Russian Federation,” the countries said in a joint statement issued by France’s foreign ministry.

Last Update: Friday, 22 May 2020 KSA 15:41 - GMT 12:41