Fares bin Hezam
Fares bin Hezam

Fares bin Hezam is Editor-in-Chief at Al Arabiya Channel.

Fares bin Hezam
Fares bin Hezam

Fares bin Hezam is Editor-in-Chief at Al Arabiya Channel.


A map of the world in the campaign against Saudi Arabia

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Turkey, along with Qatar, had thought that the opportunity was ripe to slash Saudi Arabia in the ...

Saudi Arabia’s foreign files: Why worry from Riyadh?

Thursday, 09 August 2018

For three years now, all eyes have been on Riyadh due to its consecutive surprises. It entered a war ...

Saudi Arabia’s foreign files: Riyadh money in Trump pocket

Wednesday, 08 August 2018

The relation between Riyadh and Washington is one thing and its image among Arabs is something else. ...

Saudi Arabia’s foreign files: Abdelnasser’s Yemen and Khamenei’s Yemen

Tuesday, 07 August 2018

The Saudi-Yemeni conflict was not interrupted for long during the nine decades of the Saudi ...

Saudi Arabia’s foreign files: Falih and Soleimani’s portfolios in Iraq

Monday, 06 August 2018

The first winner and loser from the anticipated sanctions on Iran will be Iraq. It will win by ...

Saudi Arabia’s foreign files: No to toppling Iran’s Islamism

Sunday, 05 August 2018

In the last decade of the shah’s rule in Iran, the Gulf's unrest had reached its end. When ...

Accepting Assad with the end of the revolution

Thursday, 02 August 2018

The Syrians have lived dreams of Assad’s expulsion and his durability. Today, they are at a ...

The ones who lost the Palestinian cause

Wednesday, 01 August 2018

When the world stood against Hitler in the 1940s, Palestinian leader Hajj Amin al-Husseini chose to ...

Riyadh against Lebanon’s blackmail

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

What harmed Saudi Arabia’s image in Lebanon the most is that it was presented in the popular ...

If it wasn’t for Riyadh, there would be no castle in Qatar

Monday, 30 July 2018

In our neighborhood, there is a respected sheikh, who is the eldest and most dignified, and he has a ...

A Khomeinist Saudi Arabia

Monday, 04 June 2018

Can the Saudi kingdom be reimagined within the Khomeinist Iranian formula? This is no joke, this is ...

How does this figure accept to represent the UN in Libya?

Tuesday, 08 August 2017

The Arab world and the West’s elite know Dr. Ghassan Salameh as a refined man whose education ...

‘Leave’, the Qatari slogan that backfired

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The slogan “leave” has been very popular during the phase of the so-called Arab Spring. ...

December 21, 1976

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Now at 40, oh how life has been the way I wished. Yet, I didn’t notice the 30 years that have ...