Five things Delhi could learn from Dubai

Some of the good things that I believe Delhi needs to speedily embrace. (Shutterstock)

There was a time when Dubai was the one shop stop for the world. Dubai started the mall culture and all of us followed suit. As a kid, growing up in India, I have seen relatives and neighbours visiting Dubai for the famous shopping festivals – something that is still a star attraction. But over the years, I have seen Dubai grow and become the best place to work.

By saying this, I neither mean to demean its past nor become its PR rep. As soon as I got a chance to travel to the snazzy city, I hopped on to the earliest flight to get a feel of the place. And guess what? The city has taken me by surprise. My first two days in Dubai were over, and I thought I had to take back some of the good things that I believe Delhi needs to speedily embrace.

1. Road etiquettes/civic sense
This ain’t no civic class, so fret not. But, yes, it might turn out to be quite a lesson for us Indians. Why we be so careless, Delhiites? We must learn to keep our city clean and stop honking on the road. How difficult is that? In the past couple of days, I figured not very.

The one thing that Dubai can impress anyone on earth with is its civic sense. There are some rules that are not meant to be broken and Dubaiites take them seriously. The cars on the road cruise sans noise. And to top it, they will stop for the pedestrians. The driving class will stop for you while you get to walk like a king. Lane driving is appreciated and religiously followed. It makes the city more beautiful than malls can ever make it.

2. Respect for space in public transport
Walking on the road or traveling in the metro, people here don’t give two hoots about you. And I mean it in a good way. No one will ever come in your way and the concept of space is highly valued. Don’t we all dream of a city like that?

3. Safety for women
Coming from Delhi, a city known as the “rape capital,” paranoia comes naturally to me. It’s impossible for me to imagine a place which is crime free and safe for women at most times, but this is a reality in Dubai, according to my observations. Late night travel is also a piece of cake here, ladies.

4. No awkward stares
You’d be surprised to see many Indians, who think staring is their birth right, not gazing at your face in Dubai. Who says old habits die hard? This place brings out the best in people, I believe. Too much goodness is happening. Dubai, are you for real?

5. Standard of living
Indians must realize that there are more important things one can spend on than weddings! It’s time we focus on improving our quality of life. Because most expats in Dubai come here for work, they grow as people really quickly. They are constantly reading, interacting with people from different countries, making an effort to work on their lifestyle – all of this reflects in their personalities and homes. We must invest on the right things and the results will show, India.

Here’s another free piece of advice: Visit Dubai during the winter. The city looks breath-taking at this time of the year. Yes, it’s NOT always scorching hot in Dubai. Let the weather be your mood changer and enjoy the rainy days while they last!

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:48 - GMT 06:48