Energizing tips on how to get the most out of your job

Opportunities are either created now, or were created at some time in the recent past, or the distant past, by yourself. (Shutterstock)

Many people waste a lot of time searching for the next job, and spend time complaining about how few opportunities there are in their workplace. How many of you just turn up, do the work and go home? I worked for a client in Italy, and their sole interest in their work was how many days they had until retirement. Life is more interesting if you spend time with those who have goals and are interested in developing their careers.

Opportunities are everywhere, even at work. Building a network with those outside your immediate team can give your ideas and encourage others to mention opportunities to you. Talk to people in the corridor, by the coffee machine, in the staff restaurant.

Then there are training courses. As a trainer, I often ask delegates why they are attending a particular one. The answer is often that they were told to attend by their manager, as they have to attend a certain number of training days a year. Here is an opportunity to increase knowledge, paid for by the company, but all they want to do is go home early or spend time on their phones.

Strange how some people who had sufficient ‘get up and go’ to get the job then have no desire to progress. Lives are more fulfilling when striving to get to the next level, and with the satisfaction of getting there.

Projects concerning change have two main parts. The first is concerned with deciding new ways of working. The second is about implementing change. Part one requires people who understand how business is done, and have good ideas about improvement. Part two looks for champions and trainers to implement that change. This is a way for those in line management to find opportunities to grow and gain the experience to get that promotion. Why not go for it at work?


Getting involved in departmental committees or online discussion forums can keep you up to date with developments in your field or in employment sectors of interest. Your organization could have good social-media involvement. If it does not, set up groups for sharing information. Some of it could benefit you personally, as would the kudos of showing the initiative to do it.

Social media is good for online discussions, and you will find most employment sectors represented through professional bodies, government bodies, newspapers, recruitment companies or employers themselves.

Your company almost certainly has a website, a presence on professional networking sites, or even groups on there. Connect to your company’s groups and make contributions - you never know who might read them.

“Your success in life does not altogether depend upon natural ability; it also depends upon determination to grasp the opportunity that is presented to you,” said Indian guru Paramahansa Yogananda.

“Opportunities in life come by creation, not by chance. They are either created now, or were created at some time in the recent past, or the distant past, by yourself. Since you have earned them, use them to the best advantage. You can make your life much more worthwhile now and in the future if you focus your attention upon your immediate needs and then use all available information, as well as your abilities, to fulfil them.”

Or take these magic words from actor Woody Allen: “80 percent of success is showing up!” Showing up for work is not so difficult.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:46 - GMT 06:46