Saudi women seek their rights in real estate ownership

A view of the King Abdullah Financial District in the Saudi capital Riyadh at sun set, in this Oct. 9, 2013 file photo. (Reuters)

Saudi women demanded the Ministry of Housing form a higher committee to directly tackle issues they face in the real estate industry.

Industry expert and real estate developer Ezdihar Batubara said the minister of housing should immediately earmark residential areas in Makkah and develop their infrastructure.

She said: “As real estate developers we need things to be done officially. “It is the only way we will achieve any progress.

“I also suggest that the Ministry of Housing include all real estate offices and developers in the planning and design of residential areas.”

The vice head of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s real estate committee Shurouq Al-Sulaiman demanded the ministry grant women without sons the right to own a residential property.

She said: “The real estate industry lacks women specific services and real estate offices to serve the Saudi women.

“The first step toward guaranteeing the involvement of women in the industry is for the Ministry of Housing to open a female section in the ministry and all directorates dealing with it.”

She also added the ministry should cooperate with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Justice in order to stay updated regarding the market.

Family consultant Fatima Al-Mardini claimed most landlords do not rent residential properties to female tenants unless they are accompanied by a guardian.

“There are many women in our society who are financially independent and fully able to live alone but do not have good ties with their guardians,” said Al-Mardini.

Fatima Al-Qurban said the Ministry of Housing should set require legal contracts to be signed between landlords and tenants.

She said: “Tenants are being kicked out of their properties for no legitimate reason.

“Landlords replace tenants freely the moment they find another tenant who is willing to pay a higher rent.

“The ministry should unify and regulate rent prices based on the size of the property and the area it is in.”

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