Egypt’s new capital among world’s ‘top urban mega-projects’

The New Cairo Capital project, when completed, is predicted to transform the future of Egypt. (File photo: Reuters)

Egypt’s new capital mega-project has been listed as one of the biggest eight urban projects that will transform cities across the world by 2030, according to a recent report.

The Business Insider listed the project to establish a “New Administrative Capital” on the outskirts of Cairo among eight mega-projects globally that are worth billions of dollars, and are expected to transform the world’s greatest cities by 2030.

Alongside projects in China, New York, Paris and Turkey, the report mentioned the New Cairo Capital project, predicting it will transform the future of Egypt.

The project will be a 270-square-mile hub with 21 new residential districts — enough housing for five million people.

It will also feature 1,250 mosques and churches, a 5,000-seat conference center, nearly 2,000 schools and colleges, over 600 medical facilities, and what is projected to be the world's largest park.

Egypt Housing Minister Mostafa Madbouly told the BBC that the project would cost $45 billion and be complete by 2022. Construction began in 2015.

Last Update: Saturday, 29 July 2017 KSA 17:57 - GMT 14:57

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Egypt’s new capital among world’s ‘top urban mega-projects’
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