Kuwait has food reserves to last 4-8 months in case of emergency: state news

People shopping in a local supermarket in Kuwait. (File photo: AFP)

Kuwait has strategic foodstuff reserves that can sustain the country for four to eight months in case of emergency, the state news agency KUNA reported.

In a statement to KUNA, Mutlaq al-Zayed the CEO of Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries Co said that “Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries Co. is ready to face any circumstance caused by the situation in the region by tapping its strategic foodstuff reserve, which covers four to eight Months.”

On Friday, Kuwait’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry said in a statement carried by KUNA that strategic food reserves are sufficient for six months, affirming its full readiness to cope with any emergency.

On Wednesday, Kuwait’s army said it was raising its readiness levels and carrying out military exercises, amid soaring regional tensions after neighboring Iran was accused of attacking Saudi oil infrastructure.

Kuwait also said it was investigating accounts that a drone intruded into its airspace and flew over the royal palace on Saturday, the same day an assault on two oil facilities knocked out half of Saudi Arabia’s oil production.

Last Update: Saturday, 21 September 2019 KSA 16:09 - GMT 13:09

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Kuwait has food reserves to last 4-8 months in case of emergency: state news
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