Dubai implements new project aimed at easing air traffic

A picture take on September 14, 2017 shows a Boing 777 of Emirates landing at Dubai's International Airport. (AFP)

Dubai has implemented new air traffic management procedures that have been designed to meet the needs of increasingly congested airspace over the next several years.

The major restructuring of the UAE’s airspace, spearheaded by the Dubai Air Navigation Services (dans), 150 new GPS “waypoints” for aircraft movement as the country looks to ease air traffic congestion.

“Spearheaded by Dubai Air Navigation Services (dans), the air navigation services provider of Dubai and the Northern Emirates, that ensured the implementation of 90 new air traffic management procedures and the introduction of 150 new way points, in addition to the training of 168 air traffic controllers to guarantee the successful and seamless transition to the new design of the Controlled Airspace for Dubai and the Northern Emirates,” a statement from dans read.

According to the statement, the air space restructuring programmer will allow airlines to save up to $14.6 billion worth of fuel each year, and reduce C02 emissions by 90,401 tonnes.

Last Update: Tuesday, 26 December 2017 KSA 22:08 - GMT 19:08

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Dubai implements new project aimed at easing air traffic
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