Libya’s NOC considers evacuating Zawiya refinery staff due to fighting nearby

Oil tanker Morning Glory, during the unloading of oil in the Libyan sea port of Zawiya. (File photo: AFP)

Libyan state oil firm NOC is considering shutting down its western Zawiya port and evacuating the refinery located there due to clashes nearby, a statement said on Saturday.

NOC might also shut down the El Sharara oilfield whose crude is exported via Zawiya port, the statement said.

Clashes between armed groups have broken out in recent days around Zawiya, during which a missile almost hit the oil complex.

Zawiya is Libya’s biggest functioning refinery, serving the capital Tripoli located some 40km east as well as regions in the west and south of the country. Two workers at Zawiya port said the refinery was working on Saturday.

Last Update: 11:06 KSA 14:06 - GMT 11:06