Foreign ambassadors visit Saudi Arabia’s Shaybah oil field

Various foreign ambassadors to Saudi Arabia and their families visiting the Shaybah oil field. (SPA)

A group of foreign ambassadors to Saudi Arabia visited the Kingdom’s Shaybah crude oil field in the Empty Quarter desert, Saudi state news agency SPA reported on Saturday.

The Shaybah facility is the largest field of its kind if the world and could supply the world with oil for 161 days by itself, according to figures from Saudi Aramco, the Kingdom’s energy giant. The field was discovered in 1968, a find the company refers to as, “The most remote treasure on Earth.”

The dignitaries were acquainted with the oil field and its production plants, while also enjoying a hike on which they saw a herd of Arabian oryx and ostriches.

Dia Al Deen Bamakhrama, the Djibouti ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and Dr. Jan Stanislaw Bury, the Polish ambassador to Saudi Arabia, both later expressed their appreciation for the trip.

The trip was organized by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with Aramco.

“The visit is designed to have the official and diplomatic delegations accredited to Saudi Arabia become acquainted with the Kingdom's largest crude oil field in the world that has contributed effectively to supplying the world with oil,” SPA said.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 10:02 - GMT 07:02