Dubai Police and TRA seize 1,900 counterfeit mobile phones

The TRA said Dubai Police raided two counterfeit mobile-phone dealers and confiscated goods. (Photo courtesy: TRA)

More than 1,900 fake mobile phones worth Dh1.7 million have been seized in Dubai, according to the UAE's Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).

Two alleged dealers of illegal mobile phones were brought to justice following an operation held cooperation with Dubai Police, the regulator said.

The TRA said authorities located an illegal dealer who allegedly used a flat in Dubai International City as a warehouse. The second phase of the operation involved the raid of a wholesale store where officers confiscated a range of illegal goods, including the counterfeit mobile phones, according to a TRA statement released today.

“This achievement comes as a result of the ongoing relationship the TRA has with other government departments who are all committed to ensuring a safe communications environment here in the UAE,” said engineer Ahmad Al Shamsi at the TRA.

Both cases have been taken to court and legal proceedings are underway, the statement said.

Last Update: Monday, 27 May 2013 KSA 09:10 - GMT 06:10

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Dubai Police and TRA seize 1,900 counterfeit mobile phones
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