Exclusive: billionaire Bill Gates on Mideast philanthropy and technology

Bill Gates during a special interview on Al Arabiya News Channel. (Al Arabiya)

Philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said in a special interview aired on Al Arabiya News Channel on Saturday that the Middle East region had ample opportunities to help its poorest.

“This region is very generous, people believe in philanthropy, it’s a strong part of the culture, so the opportunity to take the need of the poorest [and] work together,” Gates said, adding that his foundation had partnered with governmental entities such as the Islamic Development Bank in Saudi Arabia and the UAE government, as well as individuals.

Watch part one of the interview here

Giving advice as to what a person can do to better themselves, Gates said that “the key thing is to invest in yourself, to take advantage of the internet, to learn [and] take advantage of whatever educational opportunities you have.”

Earlier this week, Gates warned of a financial bubble in the United States that risked bursting in the near future, Saudi Arabia’s AlRiyadh newspaper reported Thursday.

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Financial crises take place because capitalism is subject to a financial and economic cycle, the billionaire said at a press conference in Jeddah.

Gates was participating in the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Development Bank, according to the daily.

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