India’s anti-trust regulator fines Google for ‘search bias’

Antitrust watchdog in India fined Google (Reuters)

India’s antitrust watchdog says Google abused its position as the dominant search engine in the country to create a search bias in favor of its own services and those of its partners.

The Competition Commission of India said in a statement Thursday that it was imposing a fine of  $21 million (1.36 billion rupees) on Google along with a warning to desist from unfair practices.

The regulator has been investigating Google since 2012 when a website called and the Consumer Unity &Trust Society complained about Google’s practices.

According to the complaints, Google manipulated search results to promote its own and partner services.

Last Update: Thursday, 8 February 2018 KSA 19:22 - GMT 16:22

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India’s anti-trust regulator fines Google for ‘search bias’
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