Iraq losing $3.5mln monthly due to internet smuggling

The smuggled volume of Internet capacity is about $ 3.5 million a month. (Shutterstock)

The smuggling of Internet capacity is back to the forefront again in Iraq after the Minister of Communications, Naeem Thjeel al-Rubaie, disclosed that the losses of the quantities smuggled, cost the country millions of dollars a month.

The minister said the cost of the smuggled volume of Internet capacity is about $ 3.5 million a month, only from the province of Kirkuk, Mosul and parts of the outskirts of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

Al-Rubaie explained that the smuggling is done through cutting the optical cable of the Internet when entering the border ports, whether land or sea through the portal.

The Iraqi communication minister pointed out that this is happening because of the lack of control and leniency with the smugglers, comparing the work of the companies behind this to the act of ISIS extremist group, as the group work against Iraq and tries to sabotage the country.

On the existence of information on who is smuggling, al-Rubaie has doubts about some of the companies being investigated, noting that the government has arrested three officials so far.

He confirmed that the names of the companies will be announced after the investigation, and will take legal action against them, pointing out that these companies will be black listed after proving the charges.

The Iraqi Commission of Integrity had earlier announced that it had uncovered the largest Internet theft totalling $47 million in the northern province of Kirkuk.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:58 - GMT 06:58