‘Exceptionally proud’ say parents of NZ nurse who treated Boris Johnson

Praised by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for helping to save his life, the parents of New Zealand nurse Jenny McGee said on Monday that they are “exceptionally proud” of their daughter.

Treating the prime minister for COVID-19 at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, McGee’s parents, Mike and Caroline McGee, told local broadcaster TVNZ that the nurse was doing her job giving the same level of care as she would to anybody.

Caroline McGee added that her daughter told them she had had a “most surreal experience” treating the Prime Minister, but only after he was released from the intensive care unit, where she works.

In a video message on social media, Boris Johnson singled out the New Zealand nurse along with nurse Luis Pitarma from Portugal for their treatment while he was in hospital.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 10:06 - GMT 07:06