Majority of Palestinians support ‘continuation of uprising’

A young Palestinian protester pushes a burning tyre during clashes with Israeli troops in the West Bank city of Hebron October 31, 2015. (Reuters)

More than half of Palestinians have expressed support for “the continuation of the current uprising,” a survey conducted by the Jerusalem Media and Communication Center revealed on Monday.

A wave of violence has seen Palestinians carry out knife, gun or car-ramming attacks against Israelis, with many Palestinians referring to this as an uprising.

The 55.9 percent in favor of the continuation of the rebellion were mostly from Gaza, the report added.

It also found that 56 percent of the Palestinian respondents were in favor of continued knife attacks, while 41 percent were opposed to this.

“An increase in support for these knife attacks was also apparent in Gaza, where the majority of those polled, or 79.5 percent, said they supported them in contrast to the West Bank, where the majority, or 53.9. percent, were opposed to them,” the report stated.

Since October 1, 191 Palestinians, 28 Israelis, two Americans, an Eritrean and a Sudanese have died, according to an Agence France-Presse count.

Most of the Palestinians were killed while carrying out attacks, Israeli authorities say.

More noticeable findings from the survey included:

• Two-state solution: The two-state solution is still the most acceptable solution among respondents, with a majority (69 percent) opposing any change in the official Palestinian Authority (PA) policy of demanding an independent state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

• Security coordination: Regarding security coordination between the Palestinian Liberation Authority and Israel, there was a slight split among Palestinians: 48 percent said they favored ending it while 43 percent supported its continuation.

• Palestinian Authority: The poll showed a setback in the level of satisfaction over President Mahmoud Abbas’ (Abu Mazen) performance as president of the Palestinian Authority. 52 percent of respondents were satisfied last August compared to 45 percent in March 2016.

• ISIS: The poll showed continued majority (82 percent) of negative views towards ISIS, both in the West Bank and Gaza.

• Political credibility: A large percentage, 22 percent, preferred EU mediation should Palestinian-Israeli negotiations resume, followed by Egypt (19 percent), the Quartet Committee (16 percent) and the UN (17 percent). Only 4.9 percent preferred the United States as a mediator.

Many analysts say Palestinian frustration with Israeli occupation and settlement building in the West Bank, the complete lack of progress in peace efforts and their own fractured leadership have fed recent unrest.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:50 - GMT 06:50