Puzzling disappearance of corpses in the Syrian coastal region

Children inspect a damaged site after explosions hit a bus station in the Syrian city of Jableh May 23, 2016. (Reuters)

A puzzling phenomenon has confused people in the Syrian coastal region, after the bombings on Monday that led to nearly 150 casualties.

Several pages on social networking websites like Facebook, have talked about the “disappearance” of the corps from the hospitals that officially received them.

Moreover, there were injured persons who were handed over to hospitals, then after the announcement of the names, it turned out that they were not registered or did not exist.

This is the case of an 80-year-old man named Kamel Baloul, who was handed to “Jabaleh” Hospital; then, suddenly, it was said that he was among the disappeared persons. A Facebook page about “Jabaleh” that keeps up with the updates in the region, stated that no one was able to find the man. It literally wrote: “We have noticed that there are a lot of people who have disappeared completely after being taken to hospitals!”

Among the injured who disappeared, was a nurse whose name is Riham Issa Abbas; there were calls to whoever knows anything about her to inform the concerned persons.

Another nurse at the same hospital, which was injured due to the blast, was also considered as missing because they said that she was dead and her body was transferred to Qerdaha hospital but it turned out that the body disappeared without any trace.

What is sure is that the injured persons were transported to the hospitals by cars and handed to hospitals like “Jabaleh” hospital. However, sources stress that the injured persons or the corps have all disappeared after being handed to the hospitals. The same sources confirm that they didn’t leave the hospitals especially that security measures were taken around the hospitals and there is no way out.

However, the people of the region still have their question unanswered: how and why are the bodies disappearing from the hospitals?

Some of them spoke of “organ trafficking” as stated in the comments, others believe that those who are bombing the region are responsible for the disappearance of the corps.

Some others believe that those who are transporting the bodies are the ones who are kidnapping them, without giving a valid explanation.

Until now, there is no clear explanation for this phenomenon. Many of those who are related to the “disappeared” are still roaming and searching for them in the hospitals of the region and instead of asking about the names of the dead persons, they are asking if anyone saw the bodies.

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