Sunnis in Mosul face torture by Popular Mobilization militias

A newly displaced woman carries her child at a check point in Qayyara, east of Mosul, Iraq October 26, 2016. (Reuters)

A video that went viral this week exposed violations committed by the Popular Mobilization militias in Iraq against detainees in Mosul.

The footage showed militiamen “torturing” displaced Iraqis under their detention during the ongoing battle to liberate the city of Mosul, a member of the Iraqi Parliament told Al Arabiya’s sister Al Hadath channel.

Several Iraqi parties, international human rights organizations and the United Nations have already accused the pro-government Shiite militia of committing several sectarian crimes against Sunni civilians in the liberated cities since 2014 and until 2016.

Sunni Iraqi politicians expressed concern over the increasing record of violations, saying the crimes committed in Mosul were previously reported in other Iraqi cities.

In Fallujah, several human rights organizations accused the militiamen of torturing and kidnapping civilians, in addition to detaining more than 2500 in unidentified detention camps.

In Saqlawiya, in the Anbar province, the Sunni Iraqi forces coalition said in a statement in September that the Popular Mobilization militia was involved in a massacre that led to the death of dozens of people and the abduction of more than 600 others.

The UN has also accused the militia of torturing, forced confessions and executions in Anbar.

In Tikrit, the National Center for Justice (a non-governmental center) said it had evidence that  8,000 houses had been looted before being destroyed using explosive devices in 2015.

As for Baquba in the Diyala province, witnesses said that militias loyal to the Popular Mobilization were accused of burning houses and agricultural fields, and preventing Sunnis from returning to their houses.

Tribes in Diyala accused members of the Popular Mobilization forces of destroying 100 mosques in the province in 2014.

Human Rights Watch said it has proof that the Popular Mobilization militias have looted Sunni civilians’ property; they burnt down their houses and shops, and wrecked at least two villages in Salahuddin province in 2014.

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