Exclusive photos show Saudi operation that killed ‘Yasmeen extremists’

An eyewitness shows the border wall of his house where the two extremists jumped from in attempt to evade capture. (Al Arabiya)

Eyewitnesses Al Arabiya has spoken to have confirmed new details surrounding the operation that has killed two extremists involved in past attacks in Saudi Arabia.

The operation led by Saudi security forces targeted ISIS-lined extremists Tayea Salem Yaslam al-Sayari and Talal Samran al-Saadi in the Riyadh neighborhood of Yasmeen.

They exchanged gunfire with security officers in the early hours of Saturday and were eventually killed when they attempted to ambush them with suicide explosive belts.

One eyewitness has told Al Arabiya that the two extremists first attempted to evade capture by jumping from their house onto his property, which was confirmed by a photo AlArabiya.net has exclusively obtained and published.

Photos from inside the house where the extremists were hiding show barely-kept rooms and a kitchen stocked with several food items.

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