Iranians clamoring over expired food prove sad state of affairs in Minab


Iranian activists have shared a video on social media platforms showing poor citizens in the southern Iranian city of Minab rushing to a truck carrying rotten food to be discarded in a remote area.

The citizens can be seen clamoring over the truck’s contents and proves the extent of rampant poverty gripping parts of the country.

The video shows hundreds of people rushing toward the truck as the driver, who wanted to bury the rotten food in a nearby landfill, stepping aside to make way for those who took cans and cartons of expired produce, according to the YJC news agency.

The news agency said that Iranian actor Parviz Parastui was the first to share the video on his Instagram account and said: “In the city of Minab, officials threw rotten food to destroy it, but the poor and hungry citizens rushed to take it”.

Activists have strongly criticized their country’s regime when commenting on the incident. They said that the regime is wasting the country’s wealth on military spending while intervening to support terrorism and militias across the region while depriving its people of the most basic life requirements.

For months now, Iran has been witnessing growing protests against low and delayed wages, increasing unemployment and poverty due to rampant corruption in multiple states. This is reflected on the average citizen and his livelihood, prompting observers to ponder on a potential hunger revolution of millions of impoverished and marginalized citizens.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:54 - GMT 06:54