Kuwaitis supporting Qatar boycott: ‘They tried to destabilize our country’

Lawyer and activist Bassam al-Asousi says a number of Kuwaitis signed a petition supporting Gulf and Arab boycott against Qatar.

A number of Kuwaiti activists issued a statement calling on their government to confront the forces supporting terrorism, and to monitor some institutions and individuals belonging to extremist militants, including political Islamist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and banned militants such as Al-Qaeda, Nusra Front, ISIS and others.

Bassam al-Asousi, one of the Kuwaiti signatories said to Al Arabiya: “We issued the statement after the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Bahrain issued a statement that there are Qatari protected persons who support terrorism. In one way or another, we have a goal a long time ago. On the personal level, I already filed a lawsuit to close Al Eslah Society totally, as it represents the Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait. It has deviated from the goals and objectives set by the law, so it must remain in the framework of this public benefit and do not engage in political work.”

Muslims Brotherhood and financing terrorism

“In this sense, we have filed a lawsuit and talked a lot about the Al Eslah Society went beyond the goals and objectives that they decided initially on, especially the process of donations and financial support to certain parties. The Ministry of Affairs from which is entrusted with charitable work, observations and reports on this society, specifically the Muslim Brotherhood, we issued the statement to control the transfer process, and appealed more than once, especially that there are reports from the US Treasury said that there are figures supporting and financing terrorism, and have named them already,” Asousi added.

Asousi stressed that the group that issued the statement is in support of the measures taken by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Bahrain and has appealed to the Kuwaiti government to closely monitor and control the funds. They say terror financing may put Kuwait as a country that supports and funds terrorism.

“We are primarily concerned that our country remains clean, so a group of people came out to issue this statement, in which we ended up urging the government to monitor closely and seriously, because Kuwait is now under indictment, suspicion and doubt,” the Kuwaiti lawyer and activist said.

Two Kuwaitis were named in a Qatar-linked terror list last week; Hakim al-Mutairi and Hajjaj al-Ajmi.

Qatar offended the Gulf

On the decision of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain, which severed ties with Qatar, Asousi said that Saudi Arabia and the Arab countries have the right to maintain their national security when they feel threatened and to take many measures to maintain national security, one which is to sever ties.

He explained that Qatar is a country suffering from contradictions, such as “opening an Israeli commercial representation office and embracing Hamas,” and this is called “travel of the wanderers,” describing it as a “renegade state”.

“Qatar has traveled out of the Gulf consensus, especially with regard to foreign policy, and embraces many elements that are harmful to the Gulf states,” he said.

“Al Jazeera has spared no effort to harm all the Gulf States. Qatar has gone too far, it supported everyone against the Gulf countries. In Kuwait, we have been exposed to a lot from Al Jazeera and Qatar. Since the establishment of Al Jazeera channel it even talked on behalf of the Iraqi regime against us,” he added.

Qatari media fueling actions in Kuwait

Asousi stressed that Qatar, when the winds of the Arab Spring and its yellow poison started, said there was a kind of popular movement inside Kuwait, in protest against some constitutional matters which Doha tried to inflame. “For whose benefit is this? Why our dear sister Qatar, you were trying to portray the Kuwaiti movement as a popular coup for power in Kuwait and trying to show that Kuwait is a repressive state, a totalitarian dictatorship that represses its people? We need our brothers in Qatar to answer this question,” he asked.

“Qatar has become a destructive tool, a threat to the neighborhood countries, Al Jazeera hosts mercenaries and opens its doors to fugitives from their own countries. Why does Qatar grieve when others want to preserve their legitimate interests?” he also asked.

As for Qataris using the word “siege” that has been used through their channels and social networking sites, Asousi commented: “They are contradictory even in their speech, on one hand they talk about the siege, and on the other side they say everything is available, the products are there, the central markets are open, and everyone Enjoys the food and economic level and this contradiction is an extension of their policy.”

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:49 - GMT 06:49