Revealed: Swedish woman deported from Dubai was unlicensed botox practitioner

Holman runs a Facebook page to promote herself and gain more customers. (Facebook)

A Swedish woman who was deported from Dubai after taking pictures of an immigration officer and traveling with an expired passport was offering botox and other cosmetic surgeries without a license from Dubai authorities, local newspaper The National has revealed.

Ellie Holman, 44, who runs Dr Ellie Holman Aesthetics in Sevenoaks, Kent, has told local media that she was arrested for drinking wine on a flight to Dubai.

It later turned out that the mother-of-three attempted to enter Dubai using her expired Swedish passport, leaving the UK on an Iranian passport.

After Holman was told she would need to change her visa, she had an argument with the immigration officer and took pictures of him, an act which is illegal for security purposes.

She was then detained by airport security and later deported.

It now appears to be that Holman has been giving botox injections with other cosmetic procedures during her visits to Dubai, without a license,  as seen on her social media posts.

swedish woman FB

swedish woman FB

According to Dubai Health Authority (DHA) regulations, only doctors with a permit who are registered with the DHA, where Holman is not listed - according to the newspaper, are allowed to carry out such procedures in the Emirates.

The clinic that Holman holds states that she is a “qualified dental surgeon with over 13 years experience in aesthetic medicine,” The National reported.

Holman runs a Facebook page to promote herself and gain more customers.

“If you are considering aesthetic treatment, please be aware that whoever is injecting you, must also be qualified to resolve any #sideeffects or #complications that may possibly occur,” Holman wrote on her page.

After Holman was caught with her expired Swedish passport, she produced a temporary Iranian passport which allows her to stay in the country only for 96 hours.

She was charged for taking pictures of the immigration officers, but the charges were eventually dropped.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:57 - GMT 06:57