Wanted! Israeli army looks for missing Palestinian goat

The Israeli army said a Palestinian shepherd entered a closed firing zone with the aim of stealing ammunition. (AFP)

The Israeli military is on the warpath. Its search, this time however, is not for Palestinian fighters, protesters, or even people at all. They’ve been looking for a goat.

The farm animal in question, and her two kids, is reportedly confiscated from Palestinian village of al-Majaz when IDF soldiers came out for a night time raid in mid-February.

A group of Israeli activists, as well as Palestinian locals, reportedly contacted the local District Coordination Office on the goat owner’s behalf to track down the missing livestock.

“Under increasing pressure, a DCO officer finally admitted that the animals had indeed been confiscated by Israeli soldiers,” reported Arab news website al-Bawaba.

After claims from the DCO that the goat family had been returned, and denials from the goat owner that he had been given back his livestock, an IDF spokesperson recently told the Israel-based Haaretz newspaper: “The claims raised do an injustice to the truth of the matter.”

“In this case, a shepherd entered a closed firing zone with the aim of stealing ammunition. The animals weren’t confiscated but were brought by the IDF forces to the tent area from which the shepherd came in order to return them to their owner,” the spokesman said.

But with the goat still reportedly missing in an increasingly mysterious incident, it seems the search is still on for the animals.


Last Update: Tuesday, 05 March 2013 KSA 16:50 - GMT 13:50