Arab diva singer flaunts her $3 mln jewelry

Emirati diva singer Ahlam is seen wearing her $3 million jewelry during the latest episode of Arab Idol. (Photo courtesy: Annahar)

Emirati diva singer Ahlam made her latest appearance at MBC’s Arab Idol in exceptional style this week when she stunned her viewers by wearing jewelry valued almost $ 3 million, according to a report by popular Lebanese newspaper Annahar.

Ahlam joined MBC’s Arab Idol judging panel in 2011 together with Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama and Egyptian composer Hassan El Shafei.

In her latest appearance in the show, Ahlam wore a white and yellow gold watch worth $345,840 and gold earrings inlaid with diamond worth $60,880.

Her necklace was a distinctive piece of 18-carat yellow gold, encrusted with white, bright diamond worth $ 2,481,760, according to Annahar.

Last Update: Friday, 14 June 2013 KSA 22:37 - GMT 19:37

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Arab diva singer flaunts her $3 mln jewelry
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