Remembering Gaza at the Toronto Palestinian Film Festival

The Toronto Palestinian Film Festival held a week-long of exciting events presenting Palestinian art, culture and films, and attracting a wide range of diverse people who were inspired by Palestinian film.

This year, the festival paid a tribute to the late Toronto-based photojournalist, writer and activist Ali Mustapha, who was killed by a bombing in Syria last March.

“We had selected 15 to be our final images and kind of split between photos that were taken in Egypt and photos that were taken in Palestine,” Ibrahim Abu Sitta, an Art Exhibit Coordinator, told Al Arabiya News.

However, the festival had many other attractions, including the wide variety of films presented during.

“To the films there’s a range of emotions, different films speak to different people in a different way,” Dania Majid, Media Relations and Programming at the film festival said.

Canadian filmmaker John Greyson, who was detained in Egypt last year also contributed to the event.

“I made a 5 minute film this summer called Gazanto, and its a 5 minute critique of the bombing in gaza, imagining it taking place as the bombing of Toronto,”Greyson told Al Arabiya News.

Besides showcasing films, speeches and panel talks were held during the festival, which was initially launched in 2008, and has been living a remarkable success every year.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:45 - GMT 06:45