KKK outfit worn in anti-niqab Australia protest

Three men, one dressed in a KKK outfit, tried to enter Australian parliament in protest of the niqab. (Photo courtesy: Sunday Morning Herald)

A man dressed in the same attire worn by the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), a U.S. white supremacy group, walked into Australia’s parliament on Monday, according to local media.

He was accompanied by two other men, one in a Muslim niqab and another wearing a motorbike helmet, all three had their face covered.

The men were reportedly calling for a nation-wide ban on the niqab, a veil worn by Muslim women to cover their face.

The Australian parliament reversed a decision earlier this month that would have forced women in niqab visiting the building to sit in a public gallery, sparking debate about the religious covering and religious discrimination.

The men were barred from entry as one security official told them they could not enter the building wearing a helmet or a KKK hood, the BBC reported

Australian media reports identified the men as Sergio Redegalli, Nick Folkes and Victor Waterson.

They are part of a movement called “Faceless,” which has reportedly been calling for a ban on burkas or niqabs public areas, claiming that Islam's "political ideology" conflicts with Australian beliefs.

“It seems that you're allowed to wear a full-face covering into Parliament if you're a Muslim woman, but no other group is allowed to have that same privilege,” Redegalli said.

“We, as males, are not allowed to wear any face coverings in Parliament House."

Security rules at Parliament House allow Muslim women with the covering into the building only after they have revealed their face at security checkpoint all visitors go through.

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