Two New Yorker artists bring colors, smiles to Rohingya camps

Rohingya refugee children outside makeshift school in Cox’s bazar, Bangladesh, with mural created by Artolution on Jan. 21, 2018 (AP)

Two artists from New York have been offering a different kind of help to Rohingya refugees in their cramped shelters in Bangladesh.

Max Frieder and Joel Bergner run a public art organization called Artolution. They’ve already made hundreds of large-scale murals, particularly in conflict zones like Syrian refugee camps.

Their work with refugees in Bangladesh has transformed the drab camps into a dozen murals spread across schools, toilets and gathering spaces with a myriad of colors.

Each mural is a collection of stories from the lives of Rohingya refugees.

Rohingya face discrimination in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar, which denies most of them citizenship and basic rights because they are looked on as immigrants from Bangladesh.

Dire conditions led more than 700,000 to flee Myanmar in the latest bout of violence.

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