Photographers snap electrifying photos of lightning strikes in Mecca

Last Saturday, stormy weather in the skies of Mecca meant many photographers were out with their lenses to capture the right moments when lightning struck.

One photographer, Youssef Bajjash, managed to take several photos of the lightening while it struck the tall clock tower in Mecca in a majestic scenery.

“I took many photos in the lightening night in Mecca. I chose a place in al-Khalidiya and stayed in a high altitude to take many photos for the lightening formations,” Bajjash told Al Arabiya English.

Bajaj has specialized in shooting portraits and landscapes of Mecca and its surroundings. He has prepared specific gadegets for such a mission which he carries with him whenever he sets out to photograph.

When lightening hit the holy mosque area, he immediately prepared his tools for the split-second chance of capturing a lighting strike.

“Shooting lightning needs certain camera settings, known for professional photographers like the shutter speed, the lens aperture and time-lapse shooting, to be able to capture the lightening in the desired speed,” Bajjash said.

“The lightening photos while it is implanted in the ground beside the central area, makes every photographer takes the photo from an angle according to his vision and his readiness for the shot,” he added.

The creative young Saudi photographer said he believes that shooting the lighting is sometimes a risk, especially if one stood too close.

The second photographer who captured photos for the lightening in the areas surrounding the Holy Mosque, Mohammed Ghazi, said: “I was in a very far place from the Holy Mosque, which allowed me to take a different photos that complement what Youssef Bajjash captured.”

Mohammed said he loves photography and capturing photos of lightning in Mecca after the thunderstorm and rain near Kaaba was a special achievement.

“I have been a photographer for three years now. I succeeded in capturing a lightening in the Holy Mosque in Mecca and have two photos that were published and have been shared by people.” Ghazi said.

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