Angelina Jolie reveals plans to quit Hollywood for her U.N. work

Actress Angelina Jolie walks with her son Maddox as she arrives for a special Maleficent Costume Display at Kensington Palace in London May 8, 2014. (Reuters)

Oscar-winning actor Angelina Jolie Friday revealed plans to take a step back from Hollywood so she can focus on campaigning against sexual violence.

Also a U.N. envoy, Jolie made the announcement at a London press conference for her new movie, Disney’s Maleficent, saying she wanted to give more of her time to humanitarian causes.

“I’ve had a wonderful career and I’m happy to have had all those opportunities to tell stories and work for as long as I have,” she said. “But I’m able to be selective and I would like to focus more on writing and directing; and above all I would like to focus more on my work with the U.N. and with PSVI [the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative].”

Jolie’s role as a U.N. representative has taken her around the world, from Jordan’s refugee camps to Afghanistan, where she set up a school for girls in 2013.

In recent years she has also gone behind the camera, making her directorial debut with “In the Land of Blood and Honey” in 2011.

Disney’s latest film, starring Jolie in the lead role, offers the untold back story of the villainess from the 1959 animated classic Sleeping Beauty.

Jolie has used the press tour for the new movie to make several statements on the plight of women and girls around the world. Most recently she commented on Nigerian extremist group Boko Haram’s kidnap of more than 200 schoolgirls, saying she was “sickened” by it.

“I’m absolutely sickened by it. And the thought of them out there right now, terrified and being abused, and sold ... it’s infuriating, and it kind of goes beyond understanding that somebody could do this,” Jolie told French news channel i-Tele.

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