Nicole Kidman says she wasn’t trying to ‘seduce’ Jimmy Fallon


Nicole Kidman says she wasn’t exactly trying to “seduce” Jimmy Fallon when the two went on a date years ago.

The actress reminisced with “The Tonight Show” host about their encounter at Fallon's New York apartment in an “awkward” interview this week.

“Um, was I trying to seduce him? I don’t know if seduction is part of my repertoire. I think I was more just kind of open to the idea, which never eventuated, so ...”

Kidman said Thursday while promoting her new movie “Paddington,” which opens Jan. 16.The two were set up by a mutual friend when both were single, a bit before Kidman starred in 2005’s “Bewitched.”

Both are now married with children. Fallon said in the interview that he hadn’t realized the meeting was a date. He blushed and dove under his desk at one point in embarrassment.

Kidman was apparently also embarrassed while telling the story.

“So not planned. I mean, that should be apparent because it was so, I mean. Anyway, he’ll kill me. As I said, I’ll probably never be asked — I'll never go back on the show. No, just joking,” she said.

“Yeah, it was awkward. The whole thing was awkward. But anyway.”

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