The Illusionists 1903: A homage to Houdini’s golden age in Dubai

The live performance is a combination of amazing illusions and hilarious comedy, where the audience become the star of the show. (All photos courtesy: The Illusionists 1903/ Facebook)

White pigeons, top hats, sequins, and floating bodies, were just some of the things that bedazzled the Illusionists’ show in Dubai on Saturday.

“The Illusionists 1903” pays homage to the iconic illusionists that amazed crowds at the turn of the 20th century. This group of performers, and one marionette, captivated Dubai in a dazzling, thrilling, and glamorous show.

The live performance is a combination of amazing illusions and hilarious comedy, where the audience become the star of the show.

Illusionists 1903

Illusionists 1903

It opens with a comic, light – and impressive – segment that helps acquaint the audience with the show, where the main performer often seeks the help of a member of the crowd in demonstrating his trick.

While the dangerous and intriguing classics such as Houdini’s water escape left audience members at their seat, perhaps the most mesmerizing part of the show was the mind reading duo Tommy and Emily.

A young man and a young woman impressed the entire hall with the latter’s ability to identify objects – while blindfolded on stage – that spectators offered the young man.

Illusionists 1903

Illusionists 1903

Deep into the audience, at least two dozen rows away from stage, Emily’s partner managed to convince a member of the crowd to hand him a bill. Blindfolded, she was able to determine its worth and its serial number, prompting an eruption of applause from the hall.

The audience enjoyed the age-old trick where the magician places his female assistant into a box and saws her into half with seemingly sharp blades.

Illusionists 1903

Illusionists 1903

They were also enthralled by the ever played "Light as a feather" trick where a conjurer gets lifted off a table into the air.

The magic show, dubbed as the highest-selling and longest-running on ‘Broadway’ history, features six new magicians and eight of the world’s most popular illusionists upon its return to UAE, in showings that began on Friday.

The show will be performed in Dubai until Nov. 9, and will kick off in Abu Dhabi on 12-14 and Doha from 18-20 of this month, promising to bring back themes “all the way from the Golden Age of Magic and era of the Houdini.”

Mac S. Far, Chief Executive Officer at Alchemy Project Entertainment told Al Arabiya News that 1903 was a unique era for magic shows because it was “the time where magic took a new turn and became the highest entertainment experience of people in that era.”

On the success of the Dubai shows, Far said “they are going very well and we have had great support from the audience.” He said that upcoming shows in Abu Dhabi and Doha may be altered slightly.

“The show always gets altered and more efficient based on the reaction of the audience but customers would experience the same show as in Dubai in most part."


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