Saudi teenager’s YouTube rap video about bread stirs controversy

A Saudi teenager, 16, is one of the latest individuals whose songs have buzzed the social media platform. The young singer goes by the name Dyler. (YouTube)

A song by a Saudi teen singer, 16, who goes by the name Dyler, has gained over 32 million views. But the song has sparked controversy for being about his love for bread.

Many viewers attacked him on the basis that his video was "cheap" or degrading on various social media platforms, but his supporters hurried to congratulate him on the astonishing number of views.

Others said that the negativity he was receiving stemmed from jealousy towards the aspiring rapper’s success.

Dyler’s fame crossed borders from Saudi Arabia to the UAE. Dubai welcomed him and hosted him at one of the malls where he was able to meet and interact with thousands of his fans.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:50 - GMT 06:50