Watch: Ricky Martin throws towel in Dubai concert, fans tumble to catch it

Ricky Martin sings at his first concert in Dubai, on Friday, February 23, 2018. (Photo credit: Lamiaa Elkholy)

Al Arabiya caught exclusively on camera Puerto Rican star Ricky Martin throwing a towel towards a group of cheering fans during his first concert in Dubai.

The singer's small towel found its way to the squealing fans who tumbled on top of each other as they tried to catch it before one girl caught it, found her balance and stood up again to enjoy the festive concert.

Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin held his concert in Dubai amid huge presence from his fans in the UAE.

Ricky Martin premiered his new single ‘Fiebre’ (Fever) in Dubai performing the song for the first time on stage as a special tribute to the city.

The premiere of ‘Fiebre’ aired live on Martin’s official facebook page.

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