After chicken-gate, Egyptians call for cancellation of preacher’s TV show

Social media sits were filled with the hashtag “Boycott Elmehwar channel.” (Screengrab)

Social media users have launched an online campaign against Egypt preacher Amr Khaled after his chicken advert stirred outrage across the nation.

Concerned users demanded that his Ramadan TV show airing on Elmehwar channel be shut down after Khaled claimed a certain brand’s “chicken will increase your spirituality.”

In turn, social media sits were filled with the hashtag “Boycott Elmehwar channel.”

While no announcement was made that the show would be taken down, viewers were surprised to find that the show had not been aired on the concerned channel. The former appears to have been in response to the people’s demands.

Also, the social media uproar also led the poultry company to take down the advert to avoid continued attacks on the preacher. Some online activists accused the preacher of using religion for purely commercial interests.

Meanwhile, Khaled announced through his YouTube page that his show would be aired on other Arabic channels; however, he made no mention of Egyptian based channels.


Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:51 - GMT 06:51