Red, Tartan & Fur: Key fashion trends this Fall/ Winter

A mix of old and new, with nostalgic pieces along with futuristic trends, highlight the Fall/Winter 2014 -2015 fashion season. (Photo courtesy: Supplied)

This season there are new trends to focus on for all fashion lovers. Many designers are focusing on different trends this Fall/ Winter with new materials, silhouettes and colors to welcome the coming months.

There’s a mix of old and new, with nostalgic pieces along with futuristic trends. It’s up to you to pick and choose.

Here’s a short list to keep you up-to-date for Fall/Winter 2014-15:





  • Red is the new black: Every season, we have a star color and this season the star is the Red. We have seen it in previous seasons but this time it’s back with a vengeance. Red symbolizes power, anger, evil, love and passion. Dare to dress in red.


  • Although associated with spring months, pastels are also strong this fall/winter season, with soft, powdery pieces that may remind you of the yummy shades of candy.


  • Keep warm in the winter months with fabulous fur pieces in different shapes and comforting shades. Mix and match with leather to create attractive levels of texture in your outfit.





  • Adding a geometric piece to your outfit will make you stand out. Try t-shirts printed with math formulas. Think school, think the chalkboard you stared at for years.


  • Need a break from heels? You’re in luck. It’s fashionable to feel sporty this season, so go ahead and wear those sneakers. Takes you back to the nineties, right?





  • This season, the prints are still here but stronger, be they small or big. Some designers looked to space for inspiration. Rodarte, a luxury brand, created Star Wars-inspired gowns.


  • Capes are also making a comeback, think Little Red Riding Hood. Also, inspirations from other Fairytales have also made it to the catwalk, think the cuteness of Snow White with costume-like dresses.


  • Tartan is perfect for winter and considered a timeless pattern. The designs vary from cozy/blanket like pieces to oversized coats, fluffy knitted wool for a warm winter and even sexy looks.


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