Iconic British occasion label expands to the Middle East

Teresa Tideman, CEO of Jacques Vert, renown hat maker Rachel Trevor-Morgan and Mark Aldridge, group marketing director at Jacques Vert Group. (Courtesy Jacques Verte)

Following a successful revamping of its brand, British fashion label Jacques Verte is now expanding into the Middle East, bringing the region its collection of classic and iconic occasion wear.

The London-based brand launched its first concession in the Middle East last month during an event in Debenhams in which guests - as CEO Teresa Tideman likes to call customers - mingled with some of the names behind the label.

As to why a British label founded by two East London tailors has come to the Middle East, Tideman said the decision followed an increased number of customers in the region, in addition to having found a “trusted partner” in the Kuwait-based Alshaya Group.

“We know that certain times of the year a lot of people from the region are coming over and buying, and the number of requests we’ve had from those guests who say ‘oh I wish that you were available over here’” was one driver behind the decision to come to the Middle East, Tideman told Al Arabiya News.

Before expanding internationally, the label underwent its own rebranding over recent years, while guaranteeing that it would stay true to its "core values.”

“Our business today has gone through evolution and change over many years,” Tideman said, adding that “for the past two years [it] has been really about getting the Jacques Verte brand everything that we want it to be, to freshen it, to modernize it.”
Getting that phase “right” encouraged the step to move internationally, she explained.

“So what you’ve got is a brand with a lot of heritage and with a lot of recognition…and from a timing point of view, led to increased online sales, from not just the home market, but internationally as well.”

Tideman, who served as the managing director of the Disney Store Europe before her appointment as CEO in 2013, spearheaded the rebranding of Jacque Vert, Mark Aldridge, the group marketing director said.

“She sprinkled some of that Disney dust,” he jokingly said describing the efforts the group has undergone in modernizing the label.

By collaborating with couture occasion wear designer Lorcan Mullony - who dressed Princess Diana - and renowned hat maker Rachel Trevor-Morgan - milliner to the Queen - Jacque Vert is looking to position itself as a modern, fresh, while still classic, brand.

“We made that decision [to rebrand] because the brand was starting to look just a little bit tired,” Tideman said.

“We did a lot of focus groups, we talked to a lot of our guests - as we call them - to really understand what it was she was looking for in this brand.”

“Although we are really clear on our core values,” she continued, “what she wanted was for it to become just a little bit fresher, to modernize it, because the world that we live in now we all want something new and something fresh.”

As a result, the brand is experiencing its most successful year yet.

“It has been very much about evolution not revolution and we could not be prouder with how the brand took off last year,” Tideman said.

“This has been our most successful year ever and this year it is going to be even better than that.”

British department store Debehams is carrying the Jacque Vert line in one of its branches in Dubai and Kuwait’s Avenues Mall.
On whether the label will open its own store to Middle Eastern shoppers, Tideman said: “I think what we should do is continue to learn and finesse our lines and look at what the future might be.”

“But after a period of time if it feeling right then that would be a natural evolution…”

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:46 - GMT 06:46