Iran state media say no to ‘Keep Calm,’ lash out at English text on clothes

Iranian women make their way along a sidewalk in downtown Tehran, Iran, Tuesday, April 26, 2016. (AP)

An Iran state-run channel has recently criticized people donning clothing with English-language prints, dubbing it as laden with “obscene,” “Satanist,” and “anti-religious” messages, BBC reported.

Channel Two featured Iranian citizens wearing articles of clothing emblazoned with words or phrases such as “Keep Calm I’m Queen,” “love,” “not normal,” “Friday Night” and “no rules.”

In an attempt to explain their stance to Iranian citizens, the channel for example told its audience that “queen” is a US slang term to describe “men who look like women.”

Citing Fars news agency, BBC reported that the sellers were taken aback by the media showing interest for such “minor matter.”

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