On-the-go beauty essentials for a sultry, stylish summer

Banish bulky make-up bags and feel great this summer with our handy list of on-the-go beauty essentials. (Shutterstock)

Whether you’re going on a beach vacation, a sojourn on the French Rivera or enjoying a staycation, traveling light and looking your best has never been so easy.

Banish bulky make-up bags and feel great this summer with our handy list of on-the-go beauty essentials.

Sunscreen Spray

Sunscreen is something your skin needs all year long regardless of the weather conditions. It is, however, an absolute must-have in the summer months.

Instead of a tube or bottle, use a sunblock that comes in a spray bottle instead to apply it all over your face and body instantly. Make sure you always carry a mini sunblock in your bag to reapply throughout the day.

Bioderma, Photoderm Brume Invisible SPF50+ $25

Mini Perfume Bottle

Those gorgeous full-size perfume bottles look beautiful on your vanity, but when you want to stay scented on-the-go, pick up a travel-size bottle. They easily slip into your bag without being too heavy and you can always smell lovely whether you are on the beach, a plane or out to dinner.

Jo Malone, Nashi Blossom Cologne $70

Double Duty Blush

Doubly duty beauty products are a winner, especially when traveling. A vibrant lip & cheek stain is the ideal make-up product for the summer holidays. Lip stains last longer than a lipstick and require only minimal touch-ups throughout the day.

Then, simply dab some of the liquid product on the apples of your cheeks for some color and a healthy glow. Don’t worry about longevity - lip & cheek stains usually last all day long, even in humid weather.

Benefit Cosmetics, Lip & Cheek Stain $30

BB Cream

BB Creams can be your best friend, especially when you’re getting ready on-the-go. A good BB cream can help to color correct your skin without putting too much effort into the process and also helps with hydration and protection from the sun.

Depending on the brand, most BB creams act as a primer, color corrector, moisturizer, sunblock and foundation, making them a multitasking make-up superstar.

NYX Cosmetics, BB cream $13

Leave-In Hair Mask

Nobody wants dry and damaged hair while on their relaxing summer break. Leave-in masks can be a huge lifesaver, especially when you’re spending your days by the pool. Before hitting up the sun lounger, soak your hair in a leave-in mask then style it into a sleek bun or braid. It will add moisture and shine while battling frizz all day.

When you come to wash it out at the end of a sun-kissed day, your hair will be healthy, glossy and bouncy.

Neutrogena, Triple Moisture Hair Mask $7,50


During your vacation, you probably don’t want to spend too much time on your make-up but you want to look fresh and alert. Concealers can be a quick fix as they instantly brighten up a tired face and make a huge difference to your overall appearance. Apply a bit of your favorite concealer underneath your eyes and on any blemishes that need coverage and you’re good to go.

Amazing Cosmetics, Concealer $42

Lip Balm

No matter the weather conditions, having a lip balm in your make-up bag is a must! Keep your pout nourished and soft throughout the day with a moisture-boosting lip balm.

Kiehls, Lip Balm #1 $7

Tinted Brow Gel

Brow gels can be a lifesaver when you’re on vacation, especially when you don’t want to spend time doing your make-up. Tinted eyebrow gels don’t require a steady hand to fill in your brows and they’re not time consuming at all. Simply brush on a tinted gel that matches your hair color, this will keep the hairs in place and it subtly fills in any gaps in the hairline.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Tinted Brow Gel $22

Dry Shampoo

Let’s be honest, we’re not washing our hair every day on vacation. If your hair is becoming a bit greasy and flat, use your favorite dry shampoo and give it a good brush to create some volume. A good dry shampoo will add life to limp locks, absorb oil, and provide texture. This Oribe product won’t leave white powdery residue on your roots and works like magic on yesterday’s greasy scalp.

Oribe, Dry Texturing Spray


Razors can be a quick fix to keep your legs smooth and hair free. This razor comes with a built in soap bar to make it easier for you, all you need is some water for a smooth shave. It’s compact and very light weight so it can easily fit into your make-up bag without creating too much extra weight.

Gillette, Venus Breeze Razor $10

Face Mask

A facemask is one of those beauty products that will leave you instantly rejuvenated. Whether you’ve been spending the day by the beach, exploring a foreign city or traipsing around a museum, a facemask is a relaxing treat. There is an array of types to choose from, including sheet masks, exfoliating masks and creamy masks.

Lush Cosmetics, Don’t Look At Me Mask $10,95


Deodorant is an important product to carry, especially if you prefer action-packed trips. This refreshing natural blend lasts for 24 hours and smells like a dream without staining or leaving residue. Make sure to pick yours up in a travel sized bottle.

Rituals, The Rituals of Sakura Deodorant €8






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